Rain Delay

Untold Stories from the Legends of Golf

Including stories from: Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Ben Crenshaw, Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino, Davis Love III, and more.

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Go Behind the Scenes with Golf Legends

I've been extremely fortunate in my career to be able to sit with some of the most famous athletes in this country and listen to the stories they tell. Normally, this is in a private setting after a Pro-Am golf event or at an evening dinner presentation, where they are the speaker. Either way, only that immediate audience will ever hear these anecdotes. And that's a shame.

In this book, these Legends, or soon to be Legends of golf, reveal their antics, their stories and their challenges that make them more akin to us than you would ever think.

How Jack Nicklaus shanked a ball off the 12th tee at the Masters in Augusta that almost took out Bobby Jones or how Fred Couples duffed a ball off the tee that bounced, sadly, into the water just ahead of the tee box. Doesn't that remind you of something you might have done at some time?

They face the same challenges growing up as we did, they simply took a different path. Gary Player states, "Trevino was fantastic, you know, and his happiness was contagious. He always had great stories to tell and this is one of the things I've tried to do with all this travelling around the world, to prioritize all the great stories I've heard. I've done a lot of after-dinner speaking and it's a wonderful thing to recall all these great stories. You'd better be sure to write them down."

That's what I want to achieve with this book, to be a historian, if you will. I want to make sure we never forget what made these players the people they are today, before it's too late and they are gone forever. That would be such a shame.

"Professional golf is the only sport where, if you win 20% of the time, you’re the best."

- Jack Nicklaus

"Golf is like a love affair. If you don’t take it seriously, it’s no fun; if you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart."

- Arthur Daley

"What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive."

- Arnold Palmer

Overview of Chapters

"In this book, these Legends, or soon to be Legends of golf, reveal their antics, their stories and their challenges that make them more akin to us than you would ever think."

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    Section 1: The Americans

  • Chapter 1 - Tom Lehman
  • Chapter 2 - Ben Crenshaw
  • Chapter 3 - Jack Nicklaus
  • Chapter 4 - John Mahaffey
  • Chapter 5 - Lee Trevino
  • Chapter 6 - Davis Love III
  • Chapter 7 - Ken Venturi
  • Chapter 8 - Fred Funk
  • Section 2: The Europeans

  • Chapter 9 - Sir Nick Faldo
  • Chapter 10 - Ian Woosnam OBE
  • Chapter 11 - Bernhard Langer
  • Chapter 12 - Tony Jacklin CBE

    Section 3: The Americans & South Africa

  • Chapter 13 - Larry Mize
  • Chapter 14 - Arnold Palmer
  • Chapter 15 - Tom Weiskopf
  • Chapter 16 - Gary McCord
  • Chapter 17 - Hale Irwin
  • Chapter 18 - Lanny Wadkins
  • Chapter 19 - Gary Player
  • Chapter 20 - Tom Kite
  • Chapter 21 - Fred Couples
  • Chapter 22 - Miller Barber
  • Chapter 23 - Corey Pavin

Mark E. Squire

Meet the Author

Originally born and raised in England, I moved to Alexandria, Virginia late in 2012 after spending 16 years building my photography business in Phoenix, Arizona. However, the draw of sunshine and warmth was just too much and I made a welcome return to the Valley of the Sun in June of 2015.

My work is extremely varied, with a large corporate client list including companies such as Land Rover and Jaguar, Lamborghini, Daimler Chrysler and Aston Martin. I’ve photographed high-end realty and commercial properties as well as products ranging from jewelry to golf clubs and commercial products. My work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Road and Track, Car Magazine and Golf Magazine as well as other European- and U.S.-based print media.

With a background in sports photography, namely tennis, equestrian, motor racing and golf, I have enjoyed a gifted life. Covering the Waste Management Phoenix Open for 12 successive years, I have a real appreciation for the ups and downs of such a simple but complex sport.

Over my many years of sports photography I have had the privilege to sit in the company of some of the world’s finest athletes and listen to their enthusiasm for their chosen sport through the many stories they tell.

Some tales are hilarious while some are very sobering but all arrive at the same conclusion—a pure and unwavering commitment to be the best no matter what that individual athlete has to go through. It’s this passion that make these tales so endearing and enjoyable.

I hope you will enjoy reading these anecdotes as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing them.

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